Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Optimism of PT Dyandra Media International (DMI) in 2013

Optimism with the economic situation and the performance of the company in 2013, the net income expected to increase with the growth rate that is almost the same as the previous year, Performance Reports and Financial statements of PT Dyandra Media International Tbk (DMI) 2012, which approximately 70%. The increase is due to the addition of 4 new hotels are expected to be began operations, and the operation of BNDCC phase II.

The company's development strategy in 2013 will continue to improve the "key driver" of growth, which, among others, continues to strengthen its portfolio of Event organizers and exhibitions through Joint Venture (JV) business establishment with the International scale organizer, Tarsus Group and UBMMG Holdings SDN BHD. The JV is expected to strengthen DMI and will be able to expand the exhibition industry sector. The increase of revenue will also be followed by a net profit growth by 30-35% in 2013 from the previous year.

To Indonesia Market Summaries, Daswar Marpaung, DMI's Corporate Secretary pointed out that "As a public company, management of the company will continue to focus on the work plan that has been launched together and trying to achieve the best results in 2013. And in the process DMI will continue to carry vision & mission to increase share holder value.

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